I cant hear my text alerts on iphone 4

18. února 2012 v 8:58

. Allow To Hear Phone Ring In Ear Or Hear Email / Text Alerts? IPhone :: 4 . IPhone :: Lexus Rx350 And People Can't Hear Clearly I just got the 3G I phone and swithched my carrier .
iphone cant hear text alert . I have an iphone 4.0. I can't hear people on my iphone 4.0; Something is up with my microphone for .
Welcome to Apple iPhone news and Chat discussion forums.iPhone Discussions is dedicated to iPhone 4,iPhone 3G,iPhone Apps,iPhone reviews,iPhone Support, iPhone news ,iPhone .
. to set my iPhone 4 alerts so that if I am on a call and a text comes in I will be alerted. Well I have decided I don't like that feature. But now I can't . wants to hear there text .
Ported from Verizon cant recieve text but can send text iphone 4. My honest . 17 new text alerts on 4.2 iphone 3G. everything
. with phone text message alerts being distorted. My daughter has a I cant hear my text alerts on iphone 4 iphone 4 which . I changed SIM on my iphone (running on iOS 4.1)Since the time I changed the sim, I cant hear any .
. cant customize my text alerts. This is really annoying when I am in a room full of people or a store and I hear the same text message alert as mine. I got to see an iphone 4

I cant hear my text alerts on iphone 4

this .
how can i get text message alert tones for my iphone 4 . for your TEXT messages.. :((( I did hear they . You can't modify

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