Cloudy lung x rays

18. února 2012 v 8:52

It may also be done if you have signs of tuberculosis, lung Cloudy lung x rays cancer, or other chest or lung disease. A serial chest x-ray (repeated) may be used to evaluate or monitor .
My kid had severe pneumonia which developed plural effusion We did X ray and it showed fluid the both side of the chest He is on antibiotic therapy but fever is .
No coughing up blood, but thick yellow mucus, sometimes just cloudy white mucus. Last September I had an x-ray done and they found a nodule on my right lung, said it was .
CXR showed new cloudy white area covering bottom half of left front lung area. . The pneumonia would appear as white areas on a chest x-ray .
My husband has been told Cloudy lung x rays he has a shadow on his left lung and the x-ray also shown it as cloudy and bulkey they are the words they used on the
My X ray of the chest showed adenocarcinoma of the lung as my doctor explained me It looks like cloudy or perhaps light spot in the right upper lung at the level of .
It almost certainly means that you have some type of clinically significant lung disease. "Cloudy" just means that the disease process is widespread. The x-ray findings .
Lung cancer. Chest X-ray of a 70 year old woman showing a cancer (cloudy region at upper right) in the lung (dark) at right. The bones of the ribcage can be seen .
A chest x-ray is an x-ray of the chest, lungs, heart,

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