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18. února 2012 v 9:20

Does anyone have any piccies of Shellys, the factory that was in Aston Brook Street? I lived opposite it, and would love to see some piccies of it.
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11 records on this street . With reference to buying property on Aston Brook Cv in Eads, looking at aston brook street the public property .
The brook flows from west to east close to Aston Brook Street (it was culverted in 1917) and then headed towards Salford Bridge where it joins the River Tame.
Community website for Aston history and nostalgia. Containing digital pictures of old . Maria Crompton outside her shop at 31 Guildford Street with her daughter Annie Marie
Possibly as storage for the lower Aston Brook mill. The now dissappeared Inkerman Street is said here to have been built on ashes; fleas are mentioned to have been a problem in .
Hostels (Office & Administration) based in the Aston Brook Green area of Birmingham
Interestingly, Sun was in the same street as R.T. Shelley who owned Norton and very close to the back of the Norton factory which was also in Aston Brook Street.
. Street, along the middle of Lozells Road, down the garden ends on the west side of Barker Street and down the middle of Hunters Road. Aston Brook is .
HOBDAY SHOP FITTINGS, EAST, KESTREL HOUSE ASTON BROOK STREET EAST HEARTLANDS, Suppliers of shop fittings in the UK for over 75 years, e shopfittings offer the complete range of .
The river was Aston Brook (also known as Hockley Brook) which marked the boundary between Aston and Birmingham and which was forded near Aston Brook Street (The stream here now .
Find out more about Aston Brook Street East Birmingham B6 4AP - who lives there, property prices and lifestyle data.
Aston Brook Street: RG 12/2419: 143 Alfred Place: Bright Street: RG 12/2436: 110, 112 Alfred Street: RG 12/2436: 95-98 Alfred Street:

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